Mission Statement

To enable each unique individual to discover their Hidden Talents through Self-Awareness and to unlock and develop their Full Potential, to pursue their Passion in Life with Purpose, Love, Gratitude.


Globally Well- Known Education Council where like-minded Educators come together to instil Purpose, Love & Gratitude.

From The Founder's Desk

Hi there, thank you for visiting the International Education Council (IEC). Why I started IEC and the Global Empowerment Program via SyncFlow (GEMS) a Pay It Forward Movement? You are about to find out.

My name is Vivian Passion Koh, Why my middle name is PASSION? It is because I am very Passionate about Life and I lead my life doing things I am passionate about. During the Journey attending multiple self-development programs, particular Mission to Million by T Hark Eker. I reaffirm that my life mission is to Connect, Inspire, Empower Like-Minded People to Pursue their Passion in Life with Purpose, Love & Gratitude.

My Life Vision is to build a Globally Well- Known Education Council where like-minded Educators come together to instil Purpose, Love & Gratitude.
With this in mind, I set up the International Education Council to connect a group of value-minded individuals. My belief is Together, Everyone Achieve More (TEAM). I am building a First Class Organisation where everybody comes together to support each other, unleashing individual talents, supporting each other weaknesses and create one big happy family.

I find myself very blessed in my entrepreneurship journey, armed with Very Powerful Knowledge ready to reach out to the masses to benefit from it. The sad truth is many are not aware of it. For those who are aware of it, they either lack the commitment to apply, affected by social conditioning and old habits or don’t believe and doubt it. There’s a saying, we can only help people who want to help themselves. I look forward to connecting with individuals like me in the past. The journey in finding mentors that can give them the ray of Light and Hope. I hope I am the one they are looking for. I will do my utmost within my ability to help them.

At my capacity, I commit my whole life to build my Walts Disney Dream of a First Class Organisation, using the Law of Attraction, frequency, and energy to connect like-minded people with the same beliefs. Ideally, it can be achieved before my lifetime to make my existence in this world worthwhile to repay my parents for bringing me into this world.

To me, when I wholeheartedly work toward my big dreams, knowing it’s for the benefit of others, myself and my family. It might feel a daunting task to many even my family or friends, but in my mind, I know it’s a matter of time, it will be a reality. Just focus on Believing and working on it one step at a time, to me that is SUCCESS. Many of the ideas I had were revolutionary, short of a team and execution. So many years ago, I asked myself these questions. How do we get out of this trance? How to raise my capacity as an individual to execute and work effectively as a team, as a family? What can I do to change all these?

These are the great minds from diverse groups that have influenced me and my work in building the International Education Council and GEMS via Syncflow.

1 on 1 Mentoring

“Life is effortless when you put in the right effort.” ― Rendy Tan (Ravi) the Creator of SyncFlow, Master Coach at IEC.

Seminars that impacted me the most…

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” ― Unleash The Power Within (UPW) 2002 By Anthony Robbins

“To know and not yet to do, is not yet to know.” Wealth dynamic weekend 2002 by Roger Hamilton
Wealth Dynamic Weekend

“The quality of our lives, depending on the quality of the people we meet, the books we read, the seminars we attend, the movies we watch. Former WBG Founder, Dr George Lim

“If you want to get out of Rat Race and generate Passion Income, must shift our mindset quadrant from employee and self-employed to Business and Investor.” Robert Kiyosaki

“We are a puzzle on a journey to find other pieces of puzzles to form a beautiful Picture. Everyone is important. We are coming together at the right time to fulfil a Life Mission together.” Mission to Million Program by T Harv Eker

The book that influences me the most

“The Secret of Water” by Dr Masura Emoto

“The Secret” on Law of Attraction by Rhonda Byrne

“The 5 Languages of Love” by Chapman

“The Bible” by Jesus

Through these great personalities and by observing the patterns, they showed me that Purpose, love and gratitude are the foundation to all that is good and positive.

Why I take part in GEMS via Syncflow because we, Jin Goh, Rendy & myself found the sure way to activate it is through the heart. As short as 1 minute and as frequent as 5 times a day. It can break the cycle of Scarcity to realise abundance that has always there since the day we are born. Free from the struggles of the slightest doubt, take actions with precision, take leaps of faith naturally.

With Purpose, Love & Gratitude,
Vivian Passion Koh
International Education council

Our Team

Vivian Passion Koh was recently crowned, Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019, Ms Elegance 2019. An exceptional entrepreneur who is very passionate in the Education & Enrichment Industry with more than 16 years of the educational experience.

  • Spearheaded various portfolios including Business Development, Education Business Consultancy and Enrichment for Products & Services.
  • Developed a systematic and effective Sales Management methodology, through setting up First Class Tuition in 2009. Subsequently, she started First Class Education Consultancy to provide Business Consultancy Services in 2015 and has helped many entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals.

Key Portfolios held include:

  • Founder/CEO of International Education Council Pte Ltd.
  • Founder/CEO of First Class Business ConnectFirst Class Education Consultancy and First Class Tuition.
  • Genius Mind Academy – Provide professional advice to parents on MidBrain Training Programs.
  • Singapore Brain Development Pte Ltd – Provide professional advice to parents of both normal & special needs children.
  • Igenius International Pte Ltd – Provide professional advice to parents on Right Brain Training Programs.
  • World Business Group – Provide entrepreneurship mentoring and training.
  • Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd – International Business Development Director

Vivian Passion Koh


Rendy Tan, the Creator of the SyncFlow. Software Engineer by training. IT Manager turned entrepreneur, active in the digital transformation space dealing mainly with IOTGamificationProcess Transformation. Worked in organisations of different scale and complexity, from startups to MNC, e.g. Singapore Tourism BoardP&G. Software company Auvene (2015-2016) serving SMEs and Startup Companies. He is also a Yoga instructor by the spiritual name of Ravi, since 2009.

In Nov’18, he started a group, Theory U Collective Circle that meets bi-month to consciously change the way we operate individually and collectively. Improving ourselves and our relationship with others in the process through Bohm’s Dialogue, lead from our highest future possibility by trusting our heart. It is a safe space where we can be brave to talk about anything under the sun. Heal us and create greater capacity to empower others in the process. Rekindle our connection with nature and find our tribal roots of one human being society.

Rendy also has a background in agile methodologies like ScrumKanban and was an active member of Agile Singapore. Fascinated with Eric Ries’ Lean Startup, he joined the Lean Startup Machine Bootcamp in 2013. He also involved in different networks like technology, business, design, nature walks, societal transformation. Meeting and communicating with people of different mental models and agendas in different activities. He started groups and meetups in the past for aspiring entrepreneurs to inspire them to find their purpose and live their dream.

His work is inspired by studies from MIT Presencing Institute and his transformation practices.

Rendy Tan (Ravi)

Master Coach